Riiiiiiiiiiighttttt, sooooo…. OK, last time when I said it had been a while since I last posted, even though it was about 10 days, this time it really has been a long time. So yehhh, well, to be honest my only excuse is that I forgot about my blog completely. And, you know, I do have a tendency to forget things that aren’t written down on a post-it note. Which is why I love post-it notes. As well as for their bright colours… OK, stopping my side-tracked-ness. Not that this post actually has a track….

Well, I suppose you can already tell from the rest of my blog that I am completely nuts. I know everyone is nuts in their own way, but I’m that sort of crazy weirdo who does cringe-worthy stuff, and has all the OCD freaky habits.. also a bit child-like in a way as I love Hello Kitty, and yes, I do admit, Disney Channel. Seriously, Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, and Sonny With A Chance (et al.) ftwwwwwwww. HAHAHA. OK, I’m done laughing at my uncoolness.

Honestly though, I am trying to be more grown up. Like, living at university and stuff has made me more adult… and considering that I am now 19, technically I am an adult, although it IS difficult to imagine myself as one, I guess cos my transition has been so gradual. Like, tomorrow I’m baking. I’m used to doing stuff on my own like go food shopping and wandering round on my own in town. Stuff which I never thought I could do.

Which is kinda cool, you know. I have a lot more freedom and independence than when I was a kid. Although me and my boyfriend do love acting like complete kids together… and our new favourite game is talking like we’re a couple of chavs from Essex… no offence to Essex, this is not a generic stereotype ^^

So yeh, I know how to have my fun… and I’m getting out more, you know. But then I think back to the days of my childhood. OK, my troubled teenager phase from aged 13 to about aged 16, which diminished even more when I met my boyfriend. I mean, I wasn’t depressed or anything, but I pretty much didn’t like who I was, how I looked. I used to spend my whole time in my room drawing and writing. Drawing people who I wanted to be, the clothes I wanted to wear, the room I wanted to have. Not that there was anything wrong with my life, I was grateful for everything as I had been given a lot. I also invented a new family, even though I love mine to bits… But yeh, I was “troubled”, I guess that’s the best way to put it. Then I’d write stories about these “characters”. I even imagined I was them before I went to sleep at night… Wow, I guess I was a lot weirder than I thought at the time.

But, the point is, I used to love Art, it was my favourite subject, I spent all the time I could painting and drawing, right from when I was a little kid. But I guess it got to a point when I figured I couldn’t get a sustainable career from it, even though it was my passion. Don’t get me wrong, I love Geography. I am a complete Geography geek. But I miss Art, yah know? Anyways, I’m doing a drawing today cos I’m mega-bored, even though I should be revising, but I’ll start tomorrow, promise… And yeh, maybe I’ll upload what I’ve drawn if I haven’t gotten too rusty. Slash if I figure out how the hell to upload shizz…

Sooooooo right, peace out den suckasss! xD

… the most random post there ever was that’s not based on anything, lalalalaaa

Sooo, no posts in a while. Sorry about that. I’ve been busy. Erm, doing nothing to be honest, but you know how it is. You think you’re really busy and you spend loads of time doing stuff, but afterwards you realise actually that none of the things you did were that productive. Anyone else get that? No? Just me. Ohhh dear.

So yeah, I’ve had a fun week. I seem to have discovered BBC iPlayer, sadly, and have now become addicted to yet another series… this one about nightmarish British kids who get sent off to some other random country to change their ways, blah blah (what? Freak Like Me isn’t on until Monday. And then it’s the last one in the series, boo hoo).

Right. Now I shall do something productive. One of the essays that are due in within the next few weeks? The mapping project? The coursework? Nahh. I think I’ll write my book.

Yes, I am cool enough to be writing a book. I hope one day it will be good enough to publish but heh, who knows, it probably won’t. Still, it’s a chilling tale that closely resembles the happenings currently in Israel/Palestine. Well, it’s very loosely related, adapted and romanticised. But it still has that all-important political message. I swear one day I should be an anarchist. Only kidding, I’m not a rebel. And I may be anti the current UK government, but I’m not anti-government in general. I do believe that we need order. From a socialist left wing party, of course. I was a member of the LibDems and was very keen on politics until Nick Clegg decided he had the right to join the practically fascist upper class twits that are also known as TORIES. That being said, as soon as he did that I nearly became apathetic, although since then I’ve been getting my political mojo back, complaining about how the Conservatives’ new tutition fee policy is reverting back to the old traditional ways of elitist upper class rich snobs being the only ones who are allowed access to an education (but then, conservative literally means traditional, honestly, I blame all the syupid conservative voters who obviously have no idea about politics but decided to vote Tory ‘cause they couldn’t be bothered to see Labour win and they fancied a change). Ah well, my letter is in the post to David Cameron, and I received a confirmation saying my letter was received. So he’d better reply.

So yes, although I love being very in the centre of politics and sometimes feel politically charged to the point where I want to make an impact myself, sadly I would be a shit politician. For a start, I can’t speak in public without breaking down or my voice shaking uncontrollably. Secondly, I cannot handle criticism. Thirdly, it would be pretty hard to get to the top. Especially as no one trusts politicians. Which is the whole country’s problem I guess.

Anyways, that’s enough I suppose about how shit a country-runner i would be, I’m off to write my oh-so-awesome (pft!) book. Peace out.

My first blog-ish post

Wow. You know life is fun when all you have to do other than attending university lectures is hanging round in your room on your laptop looking up shizz. And in my case, like just now, nearly falling off your swivelling chair just makes it all the more scintillating…

Soooo, “Freak Like Me”. Tis a TV show. If you’re interested here’s a link you may like:

And have fun watching all the crazy stuff on it like me. I was cool enough today to watch all 3 episodes currently uploaded, and am waiting excitedly (I am actually being sarcastic, despite the overly sad picture I have painted of myself) for the 4th episode next Monday. Not that I can watch it then, thanks to the fact that I will be in Iron Bridge (Shropshire, for anyone who cares and does not know where it is). Ahem, the joys of doing a Geography degree :P

Anyways, I seem to be going awfully off track a lot, so I will stick to it. This program that I discvored depicts many strange individuals, such as the 18 year old who still sucks a dummy (wtf? Apparently her ex boyfriend thought it was cute. All I can say is… lololololol) and the guy who collects dead bees (mm yes, apparently he likes to smell the box after. And he’s given them all little names. And he spends his play time lining them all up). Wow. I actually feel kinda bad now for mocking these people, but seriously, there are some odd habits out there.

And I mean, I can kinda relate. Not to the dummy or the dead bees or the woman who loves wearing a hat with plastic burgers stuck onto it, but I will admit I probably have a higher amount of OCD tendencies than the next person.

For example:

1. I have a thing about things touching. Like food on a plate (who wants stuff to get soggy for example????). Or even objects on a table. That just annoys me for some reason.

2. Speaking of objects on a table, I like things all lined up perpendicularly (is that a word..? I do not know). Like I stack my CDs and DVDs and books with the corners exactly matching.

3. I used to have this weird thing where if something happened to one side of my body, it would have to happen to the other, otherwise I felt uneven, in a sense. Like, if I tap the table with my finger, I’d have to do it to my other finger as well. I even burnt myself as a kid, when a hot tray hit my arm on my right side by accident, so I knocked it on my left on purpose, except the oven glove wasn’t covering my arm there. I still have a scar. Considering that was when I was 10, it’s probably quite a worrying tendency to have so young.

4. I’m paranoid. Like, I’ll put something in my bag, and, knowing that it is definitely in my bag, I will check it’s there 3 or 4 times. The logical part of my brain here is ignored. Probably because it’s so small and taken over by irrationality and emotional unstability. It also means I check my car door is locked several times after I leave it. And I never take off my coat or bag in restaurants or on planes as I have a huge paranoia that I will forget them.

5. The germ thing. I can’t hack germs. But who likes them?? I mean, come on!! Still, I always carry antibac hand gel and antibacterial wipes around just in case I have to touch any nasty door handles (I do avoid these :P) or the like…

6. Does anyone else make obsessive lists before going on holiday? Just to make sure they have everything? I pride myself in never forgetting anything, but still, I assume this is a fairly normal thing…?

7. I can’t stand it when there are no full stops at the end of a line. Even if it’s a one word per line list on a post-it. I also hate it when circles aren’t fully joined up O.o. Wow, “Freak Like Me” could do a whole special on me… lulz.

Anyway, I think that is enough for now. Really this post was expressing my interest at people’s habits… does anyone have any they’d like to share in a comment or something as I’m intrigued ^^ :)

This post just proves my tendancy to ramble on and on… seriously, me and my best friend, when emailing each other, could just ramble on for hours :O

And get used to my weird emoticons. They are my best friends (other than my actual best friend of course, and my boyfriend :D)

Buuuut isn’t she just the cutest?? Once I’ve figured out how to upload photos I’ll show you what I mean… ah man, I have the coolest Hello Kitty ninja hoodie, combining two of my great loves: Hello Kitty, and, of course, ninjas. I love ninjas. Doesn’t everyone just think they are awesome? ^^ I love how sad I’m coming across on this blog. But ah well, I do not care, seeing as it’s all anonymous and shizzle.

Welcome I guess…

So. Here I am. New blog. How exciting.

Not really sure what I’m supposed to say to be honest. I wish I was one of those cool people who always has something going on in their lives. Someone who has loads of friends. Someone who everyone loves.

Wow. I didn’t mean to set so dark a tone for my blog O.o Well, really, in truth, although my posting name on here is Dark New Day, have no fear, I am not some kind of emo… That’s just my character on this computer game, Tibia. Well. That just proves how cool I am, not ^^ But to be honest, I don’t care that I’m not cool. I don’t care that I like metal music, dressing in black, and am not the most popular person ever. Because I’m a nice person (or so I like to think). And the few friends I have are at least my real friends. And I have the best boyfriend in the whole world. Not that I’m some moaning whingeing pathetic girly girl either, don’t worry. I just hate conformity and I’m proud of it :)

So enjoy my blog, I will try to post as regularly as possible, but that’s kinda hard when you go to university and constantly have work to do.

Peace out.

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